Thursday, 19 April 2012

Moon in Aries

Aries is an active, fiery sign, but the Moon
is cool and passive. This disparity gives great brilliance
and sharpness to the senses, but also results in a
nervous temperament. If you have the Moon in Aries, you
have a high-strung disposition. Your sense-impressions of
the world around you are swift and instantaneous, and you
never doubt them for a moment. As a result, you tend to
be very sure of your opinions and don’t like it when people
question or contradict you.
Patience is not your long suit. You won’t spend time laboriously
wading through details; you prefer to plunge
right in and see what happens.
In the vibrant sign of Aries, the Moon endows you
with charm, vivacity, and a special knack for getting others
to do what you want. You are extremely fond of talking
(about almost anything) and sound knowledgeable on a
wide range of subjects. But you have a short attention
span. Although enthusiasm and energy abound, the long,
hard necessity of really performing often causes you to fall
short of your goal. But you are quick to pick yourself up
and move on to something new and exciting, leaving the
old project to wither away. However, if you are pursuing a
goal you really have your heart set on, you will drive yourself
to the limit of your endurance.
Where you really excel is on the social scene. You are
able both to stimulate and to delight, and no party should
be without the wit and sparkle of an Aries Moon. In addition,
you are generous when you feel kindly disposed toward
someone. You give unselfishly of your time, attention,
concern, and even your money. However, a
Moon-Arien who feels slighted or unappreciated will sulk
and pout and complain about the world’s harsh treatment.
On the plus side, you have a great passion for life. A
basic optimism underlies your personality, and unless your
Sun is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you don’t
hold a grudge for long. Your most striking characteristic is
a hatred of restriction. You will do what you want without
any interference, thank you. Because you resent advice, you
rarely are willing to listen to other people’s opinions. This
obviously has its drawbacks. But in a situation in which a
decision must be made instantly, no one is more decisive
and forceful than you. You perform best under pressure
and handle emergencies as quickly as a firefighter answering
an alarm bell.
In emotional relationships you struggle against being
tied down or dominated. You have to be the one in control.
You demand freedom in a relationship, but this is exactly
what you won’t give in return. You insist on being the

center of your lover’s attention. You want to be loved passionately,
and you want love to be always exciting and romantic.
If an affair dwindles into ordinariness, you quickly
grow dissatisfied and restless.
The sign of Aries symbolically represents a fork in the
road, and the lives of Moon-in-Aries people are marked by
sudden change. They often reach positions of authority
and are successful in the world of business and government.
As a Moon-Arien the essence of your emotional life
is the love of the chase. You view life as a grand quest, and
impulsively pursue love, success and attention from others.
The chase, in fact, is far more satisfying than the prize itself.
Achieving the prize is never as thrilling as wanting the
prize and galvanizing your energy into going after it.
No matter what your Sun sign may be, an Aries Moon
confers a quality of self-confidence and an adventurous
spirit that runs through your personality. If your Sun is in
a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), an Aries Moon underlines
your impulsiveness and enhances your magnetic ability
to sway others; you have great dash and energy. If your
Sun is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), an Aries
Moon bestows a shrewd intellect and persuasive powers of
expression. If your Sun is in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo,
Capricorn), an Aries Moon accentuates your leadership
ability and lends your personality a certain positiveness
and advanced outlook. If your Sun is in a water sign (Cancer,
Scorpio, Pisces), an Aries Moon emphasizes imagination
and intensity; you have an increased ability to create
striking original work.
Whatever your Sun sign, an Aries Moon confers quickness
of mind, an outspoken nature, and an inability to live
under other people’s strictures.

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