Thursday, 19 April 2012

Importance of moon sign

The position of the Moon in your horoscope is second only in importance to the position of the
Sun. The Sun sign is the part of you that is most apparent on the surface; it is what others see. The Moon
sign is the part of you that you see.

In astrology the Moon stands for emotions, instincts, the unconscious.Whereas the Sun represents your will,
the Moon represents your instinctive reactions. Evangeline Adams, the most famous astrologer of the early
twentieth century, wrote that the Sun signifies your individuality and the Moon signifies your personality. Other astrologers define the Sun’s influence as a vital force and the Moon as an unconscious force. In essence, the Moon represents the side of you that reacts before you have time to think.

Human beings tend to disapprove of instinctive behavior.We call it uncivilized, primitive, animalistic. Thus, in certain respects, your Moon personality is a part of yourself that you find disturbing. It is your inner core, which feels hate and jealousy, broods and is fearful, and has fantasies that you often deny even to yourself.
Of course, this is not the complete picture of the Moon’s influence on your personality. It is also your Moon
side that can spontaneously feel and express joy and pleasure, the side that reacts to emotional stimuli. It is the part of you that enjoys the little sensualities of life—the perfumed aroma of flowers, the smell of the grass after it rains, the delight of a long, hot shower. The Moon is inextricably linked to what might be called your reaction to your environment, for the Moon has rulership over the five senses—sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

In astrology, the meaning of the Moon can become very esoteric. The Moon also stands for infancy, childhood, your dreams, memory, and your past. All these words might be summed up as your inner psyche. Throughout history the Moon has been studied, revered, and worshipped. In ancient civilizations the Moon deity (usually a goddess) reigned side by side with the Sun. In some religions the Moon was even more powerful than the Sun because it dispensed wisdom and spiritual knowledge. The Romans set aside a sacred feast day for the Moon. The name for it persists to modern times, though we now call it Monday rather than Moon Day. Scientists are still studying the Moon’s power over plant life, tides, emotions, fertility, menstruation, biorhythms, and crime. Astrologers continue to find new and subtle ways in which the Moon influences our daily lives.

The Moon in your horoscope modifies your Sun sign; it brings new forces, different motivations, and special elements to the character of your Sun sign. Your Sun sign personality and Moon sign personality are a blend, a marriage. As in a marriage, disparate elements sometimes work together to form a compatible partnership, each lending the other its strengths. But sometimes there is conflict in which opposing traits collide with each other. If you feel that you are in constant conflict with yourself— if you feel you are two different people torn and pulled by each other—astrology can help you. Study both your Sun sign and Moon sign. Learn the positive and negative sides to these signs and try to recognize these elements
within yourself. You may find that with a deeper understanding of the forces that motivate you, you will
learn to be less hard on yourself and to reconcile what seems to be a confusing whirl of contradictions. On the other hand, if your Sun and Moon are in the same sign, you will probably find the characteristics of that sign doubly reinforced in your personality.

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