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Mrigashirsha Nakshatra - General Info, Characteristics & Compatibility

Mrigashirsha nakshatra which is the fifth nakshatra according to the Hindu astronomical beliefs is the same as the constellation "orion". This constellation is visible throughout the world and is one of the most conspicuous star formations in the night sky. The formation resembles that of a hunter.

Basic information about Mrigashirsha Birth Star

This nakshatra is formed by the combination of the Vrishaba rashi, which forms the first two quarters and the Mithun rashi which forms the latter half of this constellation. The name of this nakshatra contains the word "Mriga" which represents forest , garden, a quest to find and a hunter. It signifies a guide or a leading force. It is also supposed to emanate the idea of finding attractive faces or the act of requesting a girl for marriage as per Hindu astronomical beliefs. Individuals whose birth falls in Mrigashirsha nakshatra have a strong body.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Characteristics

As Mrigashirsha nakshatra is called the "Searching star", the individuals that belong to this ,also have similar tendencies of search and quest. They basically are inquisitive in nature and always look for something. They tend to travel a lot. Restlessness and nervousness are the significant personality traits of such persons. And these kinds of people often tend to be more efficient because of such personality traits, when the same is used in a positive way in their work life.
Their inquisitive personality defines a lot of behavioral characteristics found in such people. They are believed to be successful research fellows and highly successful in conducting investigations. Highly intelligent quest being an important part of their behavioral characteristics, they often become inclined spiritually and seek /explore the spiritual depths of life and souls. They also have a sensual side to their character which gets provoked easily and thus they tend to harbor many sexual relationships, as suggested by the Hindu mythology.
Considering their positive traits, they are intelligent and knowledge seeking, which makes them reputed and respected people in the society. The people born in Mrigashirsha star are good looking, truthful, clean at heart and earn and enjoy a lot of wealth in their lives. Other positive traits in them are that they are loved by all, enthusiastic and have good administration powers. They are also considered to be obedient, respecting their teachers and always keen to learn and observe.
On the other hand the negative traits possessed by Mrigashirsha nakshatra individualsare restlessness and nervousness. Though they can manage situations well, but sometimes their lack of patience may lead to taking wrong decisions and committing mistakes. They are good looking, sharp and truthful, and thus they have no problems in attracting romantic relationships, but they might be prone to be provoked by the other sex easily which may lead to infidelity in the relationship which can be considered another negative trait in such individuals.

Career Options for Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Born People

Mrigashirsha nakshatra individuals generally fair very well in their career when given the freedom to decide the path they wish to take in their professional life. Their career interests may vary from being Musician, tailor, Engineer, communicator or in travel industry. Again , the career interest and freedom to chose the career greatly govern their success.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

It is very important to consider the compatibility factors among nakshatra's while building relationships in our lives. Relationships like marriage are the ones that last lifetime need to be carefully conducted between two individuals of compatible nakshatras. As Mrigashirsha nakshatra people are restless and need calming, the nakshatras that cool these individual down are Ardra , Pushya and Ashlesha ,and they are compatible nakshatras.
The incompatible nakshatras are Ashvini and Mrigashirsha.

Male Natives
1. Physical feature : He will have a beautiful and stout body, tall, moderate complexion, thin legs and long arms
2. Character and general events : There is a peculiar tendency seen in him. He has a doubting nature. He is always suspicious of everything. He is very sincere in his dealings with others and he expects the same reciprocal sincerity nature others find it pleasant to deal with him. But a word of precaution is necessary here that he has to be very careful while dealing with his friends and relatives as also in any partnership business as he may be cheated. Blind trust put on others will quite often lead him into later frustration and repentance
He has a knack to deal with even those who ditch him. He has a natural initiative, awareness, brilliancy of mind, eagerness and active agility, but as a result of his affectionate regard for others, he is buffeted by both circumstances and people
He is very simpleton. He prefers a life of simplicity and principled. He always expresses impartial and sincere opinion. He can be impatient to the point of intolerance when confronted with prejudice , judgment or action by others. While he expresses to others opinion, it is never brought into his life. He acts according to his own sweet will. Outwardly expresses to the public that it is very courageous and will not hesitate to do anything which requires extreme courage, whereas he is an inborn coward He will not have peace of mind and get irritated even on small matters. His life up to 32 years of age will be full of trials and errors and would appear to be like a lost boat in the center of the ocean i.e., the question of where to go, how to go and why to go will permanently rampage his mind without any conclusion. His 32nd age onwards, life will start settling down down to the maximum satisfaction provided other planetary positions are good
3. Education, sources of earning / profession : He will have good education. He is a very good financial adviser. He advises others to curb the spending but he cannot control the expenditure and at last finds himself in the extreme economic conflict. He achieves success in life, including business if engaged after the age of 32 years. Till that time he has to face several ups and downs. He often begins projects rather than finishing the tediously routine tasks of the one in hand. It is mainly due to percipience rather than weakness and above all his ability to understand the possibility of success or no success of a project in hand, discard it immediately and replaces it immediately and replaces it with another which is more viable. In other words, he cannot undertake any permanent or continuing nature of work
Period between 33 years and 50 years will be a period of full of strength and activities followed by utmost satisfaction. During this period he can achieve the benefits unexpectedly. But whatever he will be earning during this period will be wasted later on due to his own fault
4. Family life : No benefit will be derived from the co-borns. Co-borns will not only cause troubles and problems to the native, but also maintain extreme enmity so as to harm the native. His sincere love and affection will not have any any effect in his relatives. In other words, the native is mistaken absolutely for no fault of his own. That is why we are bound to believe the existence of God and the relationship of stars over the human beings
His spouse may not keep good health. Moreover, his married life is not cordial, mainly due to difference of opinion on silly matters, and the adamant nature of the native. In some cases, it is seen that the reason for the disharmony between the couple is mainly due to the better occupation in life by one of them, and the consequent inferiority complex
5. Health : He has to face ill-health during his childhood. Frequent constipation ultimately leading to stomach disorder, cuts and injuries, pains in the shoulders near collarbones
Female Natives
Female natives born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results as mentioned above in the case of male natives. In addition they will enjoy the following results:
1. Physical features : She is tall, sharp look, lean body. Her countenance and body very very beautiful
2. Character and general events : She is very intelligent. She takes keen interest in the social work. Mentally always alert, quick-witted, selfish. Since she has a poisonous tongue, she has to be careful when entering to arguments or getting angry as in case she curses others, such curse has the power to harm others. She is educated, fond of fine arts. She will have children and devotes to her husband. Acquires considerable wealth. Enjoys good food. She will be lucky to have ornaments and fine clothing. She is greedy for wealth
3. Education, sources of earnings / profession : Attains good knowledge in the mechanical or electrical engineering, telephones, electronics etc. It may become surprising that being a female native, how she is more interested in the jobs that are normally done by males
4. Family life : Even after marriage, she keeps busy in various activities. She keeps her husband under her control. There may be one or two love affairs early in her life, which has not culminated into marriage. However, after marriage she is very much attached to her husband, as if nothing has taken place in the past.
5. Health : Intermittent health problems will take place. She is prone to goiter, pimples, venereal diseases, menstrual troubles and shoulder pains 

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